Fire Insurance
Malicious Damage
Under the Fire Insurance policy Riot and Strike damage shall extend to include Malicious Damage, which for the purpose of this extension shall mean, the destruction of property directly caused by the malicious act of any person not being an act committed in connection with an occurrence mentioned in Riot Strike endorsement. The malicious damage extension under a fire policy is regarded as excluding destruction or damage to property actually stolen and any incidental damage directly attributable to theft. The extension does, however, pick up any other malicious damage caused by intruders whether or not any element of theft is involved.
Loss or damage to the property insured under the risk of Fire or otherwise directly caused by explosion.
PGICL gives cover for both fire and shock damage caused by earthquake. If required either can be insured on its own, at a lower premium. On request subterranean fire can be added to the wording.
The use of violence for political ends and includes any use of violence for the purpose of putting the public or any section of public in fear causing damages properties and lives of human by making explosions or otherwise directly caused by an act of terrorism committed by a person or persons acting on behalf of or in connection with any organization.

The risk of terrorism cannot be covered unless the primary risk of Riot Strike Damage, Malicious Damage and Explosion are not obtained in the fire policy.
Aircraft Damage
In most of the cases the Aero Planes crash during their take off and landing time a fell on the populated areas, in some cases the parts of the aircraft separated from the aero plane just as landing gears and other devices or articles dropped on the ground causing damages to the properties and human lives by fire or otherwise. In the west the populated areas near the airport must have their fire policies inclusive of Aircraft Damage.