Miscellaneous Insurance

Workmen's Compensation

The Employer obtains the Workmen Compensation insurance for his workers engaged in different categories. The Act provides no-fault benefits in the event of death or injury to a workman due to an accident while at work. In case of death legal heirs are paid compensation through Workmen Compensation Commissioner.
Accident Coverage
This cover operates 24 hours and on worldwide basis. It Provides for payment of specified capital benefits following accidental death, bodily injury, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement, temporary total and temporary partial disablement caused by an accident.

In addition the cover also provides reimbursement of emergency transportation to the nearest Hospital and also expenses incurred for preparation and transportation of the mortal remains of the insured person from the place of death to home and can also be extended to cover medical expenses.

Cash in Transit

PGICL, to protect the businessmen’s wealth at each level, is facilitating their physical cash transactions under the umbrella of Cash in transit policy. The cash maybe looted, robbed or stolen either during normal business hours or after normal business hours whether the cash is in the transit between the bank and office or any other route, which has been especially mentioned in the policy, at gunpoint or forcibly.

Cash in Safe

The cash may be looted robbed or stolen from the counter, drawers from the locked iron safe at gunpoint by making hostage the staff of the office. To safeguard the clients from such unforeseen circumstances PGICL provides a separate policy of Cash in Safe.

Fidelity Guarantee

Most of the banks obtain Fidelity Guarantee insurance for their employees, who are dealing with cash payments. As per policy coverage Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited (PGICL) indemnifies the insured against the Loss of Money, Securities or other Property resulting directly from Employment Infidelity, theft of Money, Securities or the theft of any of the insured's funds from their transfer account as communicated to such Financial Institution.